Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Antarctic Adventure: Made it to McMurdo

I made it to the ice! It was the greatest feeling in the world, fours hours into the C130 flight, that I knew we were beyond the point of no return and I was actually going to get to Antarctica. I have about a day and a half here on the ice and, with the help of the unit down here, I plan on cramming as much in as I can. So far I have gone on two hikes, one up Observation Hill to see Scott's Cross and another to Scott's Cabin Point. I got to see Scott's original hut, built in 1902, some live seals in addition to a mummified one. They have me scheduled on the 1st flight out to the South Pole tomorrow and hopefully a tour or two when I get back. I am loving the fact that there is constant day light! Lots of pictures to come! (Random fun fact of the day, camera batteries get used up awfully quickly in the cold) I hope everyone back home has had an amazing holiday and I will keep you updated on my adventures.

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