Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Antarctic Adventure: Weather Setbacks and a New Zealand Christmas

Copthorne Hotel Commodore
Copthorne Hotel Commodore
Weather did not allow me to fly to the south on December 23rd. I was all packed up and prepared for the 8 hour flight down to Antarctica. My luggage did not arrived but I had plenty of issued gear to make it work.   I took about a 4 hour L-130H ride out towards McMurdo Station but the weather would not permit us to land so we turned back around. It was my 1st time flying in a C130 and the pilot let me watch the landing from the cockpit which was an outstanding view. It was an unexpected and amazing aerial tour of the Christchurch area. With Christmas so close, they scheduled me for the next flight down to the continent on the 26th of December. I received my long lost luggage when I landed from my boomerang flight and got to spend the next two days exploring Christchurch and enjoying Christmas with the New York Air Guard.  I will hopefully make it down to Antarctica tomorrow, so please cross your fingers for clear skies. I wish everyone back in the States a Merry Christmas!!
Downtown Christchurch, Container Shops. 

 After effects of the 2011 Earthquake that left most of the city condemned. A large part of the city is still quarantined and they are still debating the proper course of action to bring life back to the city.

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