Monday, August 19, 2013


So it's Day 1 here in Deadhorse, Alaska! We unpacked all of our equipment and took inventory and then did quite a walk through of each tool. Before we could get ready to head out to the first site we did a spoken walk through about site procedure and what things needed to be done for our objectives to be met. Then we headed out!

Our first site is near a NOAA weather station and was near Sagavamirktok River. The close proximity to the river is thought to be the reason for the above average amount of loose rock, sand, and silt found after boring and because of this we were not able to collect core samples from the site. Riza and I probed for the permafrost layer every 2 meters to get a overall idea how deep the organic layer went down. We were able to stamp down our PVC pipes to collect the gas being emitted from the tundra to later test for the methane content of the site.

We repeated this same process at the second site near the beginning of the Alaskan Pipeline. The only difference is that we were able to core here and collect the samples that we needed for later testing. Overall the first day went very well and I am looking forward to the rest of our time here!


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