Tuesday, August 20, 2013



Hi there!

So Day 3 is done and in the books and what a exciting day today was! We collected our samples hopefully full of methane from our first two sites and pulled our PVC pipes from the sites for continued use. We also collected sol from these sites for further analysis at the Naval Research Lab. We finished the day with deploying at site 4 with the only issue being the site was more a sponge than actual solid ground. This is most likely because the Arctic Ocean was only over a mile away!

Not only was today full of hard work but plenty of fun to. We saw our fist sign of wildlife other than birds and saw a pair of caribou! It was a pretty amazing experience since they were right next to the truck! We also got to examine the where the start of the Alaskan Pipeline begins its 800 mile journey. After deploying our last site we decided that it was time to get our feet a little wet and walked into the ocean! What a great way to end a packed day. Keep coming back for more Alaskan fun!


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