Thursday, August 22, 2013


All that can be said about today was that it was quite a adventure! We started strong by collecting samples from Station 4 and did our first sampling from the water. We deployed from shore using a boat that you could find for your own scientific explorations in your local K-Mart aisle. As a midshipman with almost 5 years of rowing experience this may be these worst vessel I have ever had the pleasure of being the power plant of.

From our first lake experience we went off to deploy one of our last stations and at this point in the trip we quickly had it set up and were on our way back to home base when we actually hit a traffic jam. In Alaska we were in a traffic jam.

We eventually found out that it was because of this massive oil rig that was being moved down the road to another site. It was like watching a mountain being picked up and moved down a highway! We spent the next two and a half hours trying to find our way around this gargantuan piece of machinery and finally made it home the latest we ever have after we had thought it would have been one of our fastest days. Just goes to show you that nothing should be expected to go as planned up here in Alaska!


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