Monday, August 19, 2013


So for our second day here at Deadhorse, our little motley group opted for another all-you-can-eat meal at the Prudhoe Bay Hotel for breakfast. Upon returning to our base camp, Erik and I learned how to extract the gas samples from the containers that held the cores we drilled out on Day One. The gas samples were then sent to the lab to determine the Carbon isotope ratios in the methane.

Our game plan for the day was to "deploy," as we call it, more of our PVC pipes at two different tundra sites that were further up north. At these sites, we also took our core samples. This time, the cores came up with some frozen ice chunks... pretty impressive to see! LCDR Woods, with his handy high-tech skills, collected a core piece and made a sweet GoPro video of it melting over a 7-hour time period. Luckily, we had some pretty decent 43 degree weather... Let's see what tomorrow brings us.

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