Monday, March 11, 2013

Eskimo Stories--Why Travis doesn't wear a jacket

We have made a lot of friends over at UMIAQ, and we'd love for you to get to know them in the same way we have! Travis Carducci was one of the first members of UMIAQ to greet us during our orientation upon arrival to Barrow. The one thing we noticed about him, is that all he was wearing was a t shirt and a vest. It was -30 with wind chill...

Travis has been living in Barrow for the past 24 years; he was born in Alaska but grew up in Las Vegas and attended school in California, lived in Washington, Arizona, and Wisconsin before coming back up to Alaska. He is an Administrative Assistant for the Science Support Division with UMIAQ. During the little free time he is allowed, he spends his summers in Seattle and fishing in Arizona in the winter. He calls himself a "smart Eskimo."

So after nearly losing our breath from the cold upon exiting the plane, we had to ask Travis; where the heck is your coat?! Here's what he had to say: When he was little, he used to sleep walk all the time. One night during the winter, he walked outside, fast asleep, only in his pajamas and crawled into a snowdrift where he stayed until morning. His grandfather found him the next day completely unharmed. He said he hasn't been cold since.

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