Thursday, March 7, 2013

NAICEX: Introducing the Team: CDR Carl Hager

My name is CDR Carl Hager and I'm a Permanent Military Professor of Oceanography at the United States Naval Academy.  Although I'm sitting out the in-field portion of NAICEX this year, "we" - to include Ensigns Jonathan Zakoian and Nicolas Schmitt (French Naval Academy), Drs. Steve Wales and Steve Means (Naval Research Lab DC), and Midshipmen Brad Schieve and Will Parker (Naval Academy) spent the last year designing and testing the Acoustic suite for the ICEKID 2A.

Now that John and the NAICEX team are on site, we intend to deploy and prove the functionality of this self-sustaining (solar powered), satellite linked, near real-time, under-ice noise measurement capability. The sensor will transmit quarter hour background noise levels within 1/3 octave bands for the following seasonal analyses: (1) Detection (through spectral peaks) of seasonal MIZ ice fracturing, pressure ridge and associated ice flow events and their correlation to local sea ice coverage (2) Environmental correlation of wind and rain generated noise with ICEKID meteorological and imagery sensors (3) Detection of marine mammal vocalizations for seasonality trending and (4) Detection of anthropogenic noise associated with seismic surveys. With a goal of open and online access to data, this will provide an excellent supplement to current acoustic studies in the area.  Our research is funded by the Office of Naval Research.

The ICEKID 2A's functionality was proven pier side Severn River in November of 2012. The results show direct correlations to local shipping traffic, rain and wind.

Here's a successful field campaign - Good luck up there!

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