Friday, March 8, 2013

NAICEX: Bancroft to Barrow

Happy Spring Break and Suvat* from Barrow beach! Man, what a long day of travel. We flew into Anchorage yesterday afternoon, and dined at the famous Moose's Tooth gourmet pizza place with the Solmonsons! After a ridiculous amount of grocery shopping and innovative last minute packing, we hit the hay for a few hours of sleep before waking up waaayyy too early to head back to the airport to begin our journey to Barrow!  Stopped in Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay before flying over the Arctic Ocean, throwing a U-ey and landing in America's most Northern city. Stepping off the plane took. Our. Breath. Away. SO COLD! Grabbed our million pounds of gear and headed to the Umiaq headquarters building where we went through orientation and got the lay of the land. We've already made great friends with our Umiaq sponsors; Tony, Glenn, Travis, Nok, and Eric and are headed to Pepe's, the World's Most Northern Mexican Restaurant, for dinner. Tomorrow is our day at the Barrow School Yard where we'll get out all of our fun STEM toys, talk to the kids, and just have fun. So check back in maƱana to hear about our awesome adventures and see more pictures! Quannapaq** for reading and we'll talk to you tomorrow!

Inupiaq phrases

* "What's up!"

** "Thank you very much!"

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