Friday, March 1, 2013

NAICEX 2013: Introducing the Team - Morgan Oblinsky

Hey everybody! 

I'm MIDN Morgan Oblinsky, and I make up half of the Aerospace Engineering team of NAICEX. Following my venture into the Arctic and my graduation from the Naval Academy I will be commissioned as a Submarine Officer and ship out to warmer weather in Charleston, SC. I am very excited because this will be my first trip to Alaska and the Arctic Circle and I have no idea what to expect while on the Ice. As Aerospace Engineers Chuck and were brought on board for our knowledge of solar power and satellite communications. Together, along with help from some very intelligent faculty members, we have built IceKid-2A and IceKid-3T which we will be deploying in Barrow. With the trip so close it has been nonstop hustle to get all systems up and running on both IceKids so we can ensure that we are collecting good data and are able to transmit that data back down to USNA. Unlike my friends Molly and Chuck, I am not as well prepared for the cold temperatures I am preparing to face but I know it will be an experience I shall never forget. Thanks for reading! I'll be back soon! 

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