Sunday, March 10, 2013

NAICEX-Sunday Mornings in Barrow AK.

Good morning from the top of the most Northern part of the US! Wow, we have only been here a few days and there is  just so much to share!

When we arrived here on the 8th, we went out to dinner at the worlds famous Pepe's (Most Northern Restaurant) and I must say they had some pretty decent enchiladas.

Yesterday March 9th Molly, Professor Henderson, and myself(Toni) had the opportunity to use a MagnaProbe; essienatly an instrument that uses acoustics and electromagnetic pulses to measure snow thickness! We walked in what we called 'spirals of death' for approximeatly 30 mins and collected anywhere from 300-700 data points. Some of us had more trouble walking than others. . . Check out Molly below.

To the left is a picture of us with our guide Chris, he taught us how to use the MagnaProbe! He is a great guy minus the fact that he was not carrying a gun to protect us from the POLAR BEARS and RABID ARCIC FOXES!!!!!! Needless to say we did not tell LCDR Woods about that. . .
Above is Professor Henderson with the MagnaProbe!!!

To the left and right are Molly and I playing dress up!

After spending and afternoon in the -50 degrees Arctic tundra, we made the trek out to Point Barrow! The absolute most Northern Point in the USA. . .On March 9th 2013 we three were the most Northern People in the country!

We also got to see a Bowhead Whale bone pile. . .which to be honest as a little scary since Polar Bears can smell the oil in the bones and like to munch on them!


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