Monday, March 4, 2013

NAICEX day 1

Recued van and sunrise above Barrow

First full day in Barrow! LCDR Woods started it very early due to switching time zones and at 5 am he was already rescuing IceKid from the -50F wind chill. Then on the way to breakfast we drove into a snow-drift that piled up outside our hut during the night and we couldn't drive out of it. First a guy in a bucket loader tried to move the snow and when that didn't help we had to call for help and got pulled out by friends from UMIAQ.

We found out that it had a shorted USB connector to the cameras... not to mention that we did not have a battery lead (forgotten to pack at USNA). Luckily Eskimo friends gave us a hand and we were able to create that part in the local auto-store, NAPA, after miraculously finding a part in the Polaris snow-machine store. We also did some very expensive grocery shopping. While at the local market, some Natives showed us their original crafts made of of whales' baleen and polar bear teeth and fur. Richer in a Wolf Scare, baleen knife and few more baleen plates with drawings we came back to NARL to do some more work on the IceKid.
The Northern Lights Restaurant

IceKid troubles
We finished the day with the University of Delaware group at the Northern Lights - where you can get pretty good Korean food above the Arctic Circle.

You would think that it was a pretty relaxed day but if you take into account the amount of stress we had with the IceKid and the fact that everything runs on Barrow time - it was quite successful!

See you later!

Can we go back to the van?!

LCDR Woods on the beach

                             U-Del student Jesse Samouk getting his Srping Break tan on
Our USNA gnom - meet Frosty

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